Sunday, July 12, 2009


Nutritional Considerations and Other Things to Remember

I must reiterate that myofascial pain syndromes are not inflammatory processes. Some comorbid conditions that frequently accompany MPS are inflammatory, but treating inflammation will not address the root of the problem. The root(s) of MPS appear to exist in the realms of the biochemical, neurologic and psychosocial. Solutions to this problem will, by the nature of the condition, need to address all those aspects to be successful. Anything less will not achieve the goal of reducing chronic pain. One man did not walk on the moon by himself. There were countless thousands of others who contributed to this success.

High quality nutrients play a critical role in your biochemistry. Some products are mass marketed with cost and convenience as a selling point. Taking a dose once a day is probably not beneficial. Your body frequently takes what it needs from the available supply when it is presented and the rest passes through. This is particularly true with most minerals and the water-soluble vitamins. So these need to be reintroduced periodically throughout the day.

The cost factor is deceptive. There are two ways to determine cost. One reduces to “cost per dose” and the other “cost per amount used”. Cost per dose can be appealing because it focuses on how cheaply you can buy what you need. But there is a problem with this. Without getting into an explanation of stereoisomerism, lets just say that a nutrient that your body uses can have a mirror image that is of no benefit to you. That chemical can also be called by the same name. It is cheaper to sell the non-beneficial one at a low cost. But you aren’t getting the benefit you are buying.

The “cost per amount used” method recognizes a concept called “bioavailability”. This takes into consideration the amount of a nutrient that your body actually absorbs and uses. While this method may appear to be more expensive per dose, it is cheaper based on the actual benefit you derive from it. You absorb and use more of what you are paying for. (My personal opinion is that supplements you find in grocery, drug or mall-type stores do not supply the appropriate quality. For this you need to find a reliable store that specializes in products with high bioavailability. Essentially, you get what you pay for.)

Because myofascial pain syndromes and fibromyalgia are multi-faceted, it is unlikely that any single approach will achieve a complete and permanent remission of symptoms. Your physician can help with physical and nutritional aspects. Clergy in your selected path and/or a psychologist can help with mental and emotional aspects. Your friends, family and support circle are crucial in helping in most of the areas as well as social aspects of your full life. Form a team consisting of your physician, spiritual advisor, psychologist, friends and family to help restore balance to your life. Just as a painting by Michelangelo contains more than one color, so you, as a sufferer from a complex condition, cannot be painted with one large brush. Don’t ignore some parts of yourself in favor of others. All of your uncountable shades must be addressed for the treatment to be complete.

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