Sunday, August 2, 2009

How To Avoid Pain

Avoidable pain is frequently associated with injury to muscles, tendons, ligaments, bursae, discs and joints. While it is unlikely to live completely free of these common aches and pains, it is possible to minimize their severity, frequency and duration. There are 4 general rules to accomplish this goal.

1. Maintai
n the biomechanics of your body. This requires a periodic visit to your chiropractor even when you are feeling well. The chiropractor will help restore proper biomechanical alignment to your spine and extremities before any problem becomes clinical.

2. Exercise regularly. Do not over-exercise, however. The goal in exercise is to increase your heart rate but not to get out of breath. For some, this may be as little a
s stretching to maintain range of motion. All joints need motion to assist in repair and maintenance. In fact, studies show that if a good joint is immobilized, it will degenerate. Joint motion brings in nutrients the body needs for maintenance and removes waste product generated by normal activity.

3. Find ways to keep stress levels low. Rest following exercise. Learn relaxation techniques. Take up meditation. Explore Tai Chi. Find activities that promote a calm state-of-mind.

4. Pay attention to nutrition. The body will only maintain and rebuild most effectively based on the nutrients it has available. Foods today don’t contain the same levels of nutrients as in the past. The soil in which foods grow is depleted of some important nutrients. High quality nutritionals from specialized sources (not the supermarket or phar
macy) are critical.

The solution is simple and needs only a little planning. Avoid junk foods and fast foods. Use high quality foods that can be found in natural and organic stores like Whole Foods Markets. Obtain high quality supplements from health food stores or your health care professional, not supermarkets and drug stores. Get some exercise. Find ways to relax. See your chiropractor when needed but no less than once a month. This lifestyle will help keep you pain-free for many years.