Thursday, March 12, 2009

Horse and Human: Two Members of One Team

Equestrian activities are among the very few sports with teams made up of members from two different species. Top efficiency of both team members promotes better enjoyment of recreational rides, a higher level of competition and a safer ride for both. Most experienced riders assume that if the team turns in a bad performance, it is never your horse’s fault and always the rider’s responsibility. But it is your horse, alone, that receives the best possible care; some of you even providing equine chiropractic for them. But your horse is only half the team. You need and deserve to be in top form, also. Ultimately, the entire riding experience; enjoyment, performance and safety are dependent upon you and your horse both being at your best.

This partnership requires precise contributions from both team members. Your ability to maintain the most effective seat is as important as your horse’s preparation in both recreational riding and in competition. Critical communication between horse and rider is enhanced when you are structurally aligned and balanced; sending clear messages to your partner rather than ambiguous or contradictory ones. The strength and balance of your abdomen and back and your ability to exert fine control over your thigh’s adductor muscles and buttock muscles intensifies the accuracy of the message you send to your teammate. This enhances your ability to maintain a deep seat and yet with your knees relaxed but flat on the saddle. This communication ultimately frees your horse increasing both performance levels and longevity.

Top athletes, including Olympians and professionals, use chiropractic treatments to amplify the effects of training and improve competitive status. Your goals may include a more enjoyable trail ride, assistance in moving to the next level of competition or even more focus and energy in your ride. Whatever it may be, we can help you with this goal.

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